A family home is much more than an architectural creation as it

is moulded by the people, the memories and the occasions.

Lokàl is such a place

By visiting us in the old town of Larnaka, you will be warmly welcomed into the arms of our family home, built by our forefathers in the late eighteen hundreds.

Although the passing of time has left many scars on the building,

each with its own tale to tell, our strong connection to this dwelling,

its locality and its people, brought us back to the cradle of our family.

This once derelict and heritage-listed building has been transformed through painstaking and careful restoration into a

17-room, bespoke hotel and a bistro with innovative cuisine, boasting a dash of design flair and a sprinkle of sophistication.

We invite you to experience the enduring architectural beauty of the original building with its traditional arches and original wooden beams. Strolling through the connecting bridge you are transferred to a newly-built addition to our home which seamlessly blends the traditional with the contemporary; the fusion of these two elements - the past and the present are at the heart of Lokàl.

98 Ayiou Lazarou
6020, Larnaka, Cyprus  | +357 24023102

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